Since the 1960’s, we have been producing gray and ductile iron castings in the 150-5,000 pound range at our complete no-bake flaskless foundry, specializing in highly complex cored castings.

General Capabilities

Pouring gray and ductile iron castings from 150 to 5,000 pounds to
ASTM specifications

Air-set/no-bake, chemically bonded sand for precision castings

Producing a range of iron castings including complex, highly cored
parts at close tolerances to basic parts requiring no cores

Austempered ductile iron (ADI) specialized heat treat process for
superior strength

Producing 1,000 tons of finished iron castings per month

Production runs from 1 - 200 per month

Gray iron Class 20-50 & Ductile 100-70-03, 80-55-06,
65-45-12 & 60-40-18

Complete pattern layout and design with 2D & 3D capabilities

On-site pattern storage

General Capabilities of Penn-Mar Castings, Cast Iron Foundry

No-Bake Method

High degree of repeatability

Ability to hold tight tolerances

Requires less machining

Excellent casting soundness for pressure sensitive application

No-Bake Method  of Penn-Mar Castings, Cast Iron Foundry

Long-Term Savings with Penn-Mar Castings

Lower rejection rate

Lower “through costs” on machining & assembly eliminating
re-machining & re-testing costs

On-time deliveries

Long Term Saving by Penn-Mar Castings, Cast Iron Foundry

Advantages of Gray Iron

Gray iron refers to a class of ferrous alloy normally characterized by a microstructure of flake graphite in a ferrous matrix. It is named after the gray color of the fracture it forms and it is the most commonly used cast iron. Gray iron is in essence an iron-carbon-silicon alloy that contains 2.5 to 4% C, 1 to 3% Si, and other small alloy additions. Benefits/Properties of Gray Iron:

Relatively low cost

Excellent machinability and wear resistance

High thermal conductivity

Excellent damping capacity

Low solidification shrinkage
(compared to non-graphite precipitating irons)

Excellent castability

Advantages of Ductile Iron (Nodular Iron, SG Iron)

Ductile iron is a cast iron in which the precipitated graphite present is in the form of tiny spheres or nodules because of additives introduced to the molten iron before casting. The resulting microstructure gives ductile iron higher strength, more elongation and greater toughness than gray iron. Benefits/Properties of Ductile Iron:

High strength to weight ratio

Excellent surface detail and finish

Excellent machinability and wear resistance

Reduced weight compared to steel

Excellent castability

Can replace some steel forgings, cast carbon steel and fabrications

Advantages of Ductile Iron  of Penn-Mar Castings, Cast Iron Foundry


Our company goal for each customer:

Engineering to lower your casting costEngineering the costs
out of your castings.

Low scrap rate before costly machining is appliedAssure the lowest scrap rate before costly machining is applied.

Reduce your on-site inventory quantities using PMC's casting bank.Reduce your on-site inventory quantities
with PMC’s just in time

Reduce machine timeReduce machining time.

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