Supplying gray and ductile iron castings to global markets:

Air Conditioning Castings Refrigeration/Air Conditioning

Electric Generator Casting Electric Motors and Generators

Mining Machinery Castings Mining Machinery Industries

Valve Castings Valves and Fittings

Petro-Chemical Industy Petro-Chemical

Machine Tool Castings Machine Tool

Escalators / Elevator Castings Escalators and Elevators

Farm Equipment Castings Farming Machinery

Compressor Castings Pumps/Compressors

Metal Machinery Castings Metal Working Machinery

Power Transmission Castings Mechanical Power Transmissions

Metal Machinery Castings Marine Supplies

Metal Machinery Castings Blacksmith Supplies

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Our company goal for each customer:

Engineering CostEngineering the costs
out of your castings.

Assure lowest scrap rateAssure the lowest scrap rate before costly machining is applied.

Reduce your on-site inventory quantities using PMC's casting bank.Reduce your on-site inventory quantities
with PMC’s just in time

reduce machine timeReduce machining time.

About Us - Penn-Mar Castings of Hanover PA - Manufacturing Casting Products for Multiple Markets


Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
Air ConditioningPumps and Compressors
Electric MotorElectric Motor
Mechanical Power Mechanical Power
Mechanical Power Transmission
Mechanical Power Marine