Penn-Mar Castings, Inc. upgrades to the latest generation of laser scanning equipment with the purchase of the Romer Absolute Arm.

July 2017 - Penn-Mar Castings, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a Romer Absolute Arm and the latest generation of laser scanning equipment to our Quality & Engineering Department.  In addition, we have added PolyWorks software that will work in conjunction with the Absolute Arm and laser scanner.  The new layout capabilities allow Penn-Castings to provide dimensional layouts to our customers with greater accuracy and in less time. 

January 2017 - Penn-Mar Castings introduces Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). This specialized heat treating process combined with stringent metallurgical controls is designed to create a high strength-to-weight ratio of material creating a longer wear resistance and stronger fatigue properties of ductile iron.


Penn-Mar Castings continually improving casting quality with the addition of the LECO CS744

October 2016 – Penn-Mar Castings, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a LECO CS744 Carbon & Sulfur Determinator to our laboratory and testing capabilities. The purchase of the LECO CS744 allows PMC to continually improve our casting quality by delivering repeatable Carbon and Sulfur results to meet our customers material requirements. Read More>>


Penn-Mar Castings to use B&L Informations Systems’ Software -Training with Odyssey ERP System Commences

Bridgman, MI, December 17, 2014 – Penn-Mar Castings, Inc. (PMC) has begun training on B&L Information Systems' Odyssey ERP software. Early in 2014, PMC embarked on an extensive search for a unified manufacturing ERP system, finally selecting B&L's Odyssey in June of 2014.

Using a customized combination of Sage, Magic and Excel spreadsheets, PMC had created a business process that is efficient in helping them engineer the costs out of castings for clients but internally cumbersome. Odyssey will allow PMC to reduce silos of information by collecting, managing and analyzing business information from a single ERP system designed for metalcasters.

Pennsylvania-based PMC is a privately-owned, gray and ductile iron foundrywhich provides high quality, multi-cored, precision iron castings in sizes ranging from 150 to 5,000 pounds. PMC's air-set, no-bake molding process produces iron castings with excellent machinability, well-suited for the refrigeration/air conditioning, pump/compressor, and motor/generator product lines. PMC's foundry has the capacity to pour over 1,000 tons per month. Penn-Mar Castings has been under the current ownership for over 25 years and has a staff of 100.

To continue to operate at maximum efficiency, PMC opted for a two-phase implementation. In Phase One, scheduled for "go-live" after the annual June plant shut-down, all modules related to finance and inventory as well as order processing (including shipping and invoicing) will be active. In Phase Two, PMC plans to begin using Odyssey's Shop Floor Manager and Heat Certification/Tracking modules to further improve efficiency.

About B&L Information Systems - B&L Information Systems is a global leader in providing integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) for metalcasters. For over 35 years, B&L has used their deep understanding of the specific challenges and problems of foundries and die casters to create an ERP solution which matches the way metalcasters operate, making it easier to learn and use. With Odyssey, metalcasters will maximize their resources, minimize costs, and make better decisions faster.


Penn-Mar Castings Four Phase Expansion
Over 30,000 square feet in the Hanover, PA complex.

2009 - Penn-Mar Castings is expanding our manufacturing complex in Hanover, PA by over 22,000 square feet. The additional square footage will be utilized in a four phase expansion over the coming years.

The improvements to the Penn-Mar Castings manufacturing complex will enable PMC to begin the second century of serving customers and clients globally from this location with gray and ductile iron.

Phase One - No Bake Molding Line and Pouring Bay - Penn-Mar Castings Worldwide Foundry of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron
No Bake Molding Line and Pouring Bay (COMPLETED)

Early 2009, Penn-Mar Castings will relocate and automate its molding line to a new 16,000 square foot building at the 500 Broadway location. The building will house a new automated molding line complete with two (2) roll-over draw machines working in tandem to cover Penn-Mar Castings spectrum of parts from 150 - 5,000 pounds. Relocating the molding line will improve the material flow and efficiency of the plant.

Phase Two - Melt Deck and Scrap Storage - Penn-Mar Castings Worldwide Foundry of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron
Melt Deck and Scrap Storage

Penn-Mar Castings will have completed a 6,000 square foot addition to replace its existing melt facility. The addition will house two (2) new 6MT Induction melt furnaces, a complete furnace charging system and all melting material under roof. The melt capacity of this new facility is designed to triple our current output to meet the demands of today's market.




Phase Three - Sand Reclamation - Penn-Mar Castings Worldwide Foundry of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron
Sand Reclamation

Sand reclamation for the company will be relocated to a larger, more efficient location within the existing plant - in the area formerly occupied by the molding loop. The new sand reclamation systems including shake-out decks, lump crusher and attrition mills will work in conjunction with our existing two (2) 4 in 1 Pangborn machines.

Phase Four - Core Room Expansion - Penn-Mar Castings Worldwide Foundry of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron
Core Room Expansion

The Penn-Mar Castings Core Room will be expanded by approximately 6,000 square feet.











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Our company goal for each customer:

Engineering the costsEngineering the costs
out of your castings.

Assure the lowest scrap rate before costly machining is applied.Assure the lowest scrap rate before costly machining is applied.

Reduce your on-site inventory quantities using PMC's casting bank.Reduce your on-site inventory quantities
with PMC’s just in time

Reduce machining time.Reduce machining time.


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