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ISO 9001:2015
Gray and ductile iron castings
150 to 5,000lbs / air-set, no-bake
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What is your lead time for delivery?

Lead times are greatly affected by the amount of processing required to produce your casting. Factors including size, casting features, the number of cores, type of tooling, and other processing (paint, heat treatment) can have a significant impact on lead times. Our innovative scheduling approach enables us to be extremely responsive to most scheduling needs. Please contact us with your requirements to learn more.

What sizes of castings can you pour?

Our facility can pour gray and ductile iron castings: 150-5,000 lbs.

What materials can you pour?

We pour various formulations of gray and ductile cast iron.

Can you improve delivery?

Delivery improvement is dependent on available slots in our schedule. Our planning committee reviews projects in process and delivery schedules daily. This gives us the flexibility to respond to your changing needs and often enables us to improve on delivery timetables.

Are you ISO certified?

We are certified ISO 9001:2015.

Can you quote this?

Please provide a model or legible print, weight, and EAUs along with your material, quality, and process specifications. We will quickly answer if your part is a fit for our process.

When will I see my quote?

Our team responds to most requests for quotations within a week of receipt. If you require a faster response, please alert us to your needs so we can work with you to provide the best information available in the time frame you require.

Do you have open capacity?

As part of our LEAN culture, we are continually working on expanding our capacity and modifying our processes to be more responsive to customers’ needs. Currently, we have capacity for both regular schedule (placeholders) and job shop projects. As part of The Lawton Standard family, we may be able to take advantage of available capacity at one of our sister companies.

What pricing breakdown do you offer?

Our team will work with you to define and provide the pricing detail you require to budget properly.

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