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Gray and ductile iron castings
150 to 5,000lbs / air-set, no-bake
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Penn-Mar Castings, LLC.

Quality castings on time.

Penn-Mar Castings provides quality ductile iron and gray iron castings to a wide variety of industries worldwide. PMC is a complete no-bake flaskless facility specializing in highly complex cored iron castings. Penn-Mar has been casting parts in the 250-3700 pound range since the 1960s.

The management staff at our PA office has decades of foundry experience, giving you the confidence that they will meet or exceed your expectations. Penn-Mar Castings touts production lead times of a remarkable 3-6 weeks.

PMC has the resources and capacity to meet your growing needs. Penn-Mar Castings, LLC is a proud members of The Lawton Standard Co. family.

Penn-Mar’s Story

*Engineering the costs out of your castings.

*Assure the lowest scrap rate before costly machining is applied.

*Reduce your on-site inventory quantities with PMC’s just-in-time delivery.

*Reduce machining time.

Advantages of gray iron

*Gray iron refers to a class of ferrous alloy normally characterized by a microstructure of flake graphite in a ferrous matrix. It is named after the gray color of the fracture it forms, and it is the most commonly used cast iron. Gray iron is, in essence, an iron-carbon-silicon alloy that contains 2.5 to 4% C, 1 to 3% Si, and other small alloy additions.

Benefits/properties of gray iron:

*Relatively low cost

*Excellent machinability and wear resistance

*High thermal conductivity

*Excellent damping capacity

*Low solidification shrinkage 
(compared to non-graphite precipitating irons)

*Excellent castability

Advantages of ductile iron (nodular iron, SG Iron)

*Ductile iron is a cast iron in which the precipitated graphite present is in the form of tiny spheres or nodules because of additives introduced to the molten iron before casting. The resulting microstructure gives ductile iron higher strength, more elongation, and greater toughness than gray iron.

Benefits/properties of ductile iron:

 *High strength-to-weight ratio

 *Excellent surface detail and finish

 *Excellent machinability and wear resistance

 *Reduced weight compared to steel

 *Excellent castability

 Can replace some steel forgings, cast carbon steel, and fabrications

General capabilities

 *Pouring gray and ductile iron castings from 150 to 5,000 pounds to ASTM specifications

 *Air-set/no-bake, chemically bonded sand for precision castings

 *Producing a range of iron castings, including complex, highly cored parts at close tolerances to basic parts requiring no cores

 *Austempered ductile iron (ADI) specialized heat treatment process for superior strength

 *Producing 1,000 tons of finished iron castings per month

 *Production runs from 1 – 200 per month

 *Gray iron Class 20-50 & Ductile 100-70-03, 80-55-06, 65-45-12 & 60-40-18

 *Complete pattern layout and design with 2D & 3D capabilities

 *On-site pattern storage

No-bake method

 *High degree of repeatability

 *Ability to hold tight tolerances

 *Requires less machining

 *Excellent casting soundness for pressure-sensitive application

Long-term savings

*Lower rejection rate

*Lower “through costs” on machining & assembly, eliminating re-machining and re-testing costs

*On-time deliveries

Our values

• Safety • Trust • Quality • Innovation • Inclusivity • Consistency • Continuous Improvement

Meet the Team

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Penn-Mar's History

Penn-Mar joins The Lawton Standard Co. family

Alex Lawton, CEO of The Lawton Standard Co., said, “the addition of Penn-Mar Castings to our platform and especially the Iron Group creates a truly next-level offering. The combination with The C.A. Lawton Co. and its De Pere, WI and Minster, OH operations provides a combination of scope and reliability that will be valued by many.”

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Meet Lawton Standard.

Install new Paint Booth
decrease the cost of castings and increase employee safety
Purchase 7500 sqft warehouse
for pattern storage
New Full-service state of the art Metallographic Lab
Completion of Phase One- Mold Line Expansion
Relocating the molding line to a new 16,000 square foot building will improve the material flow and efficiency of the plant.
Add 22,000 square feet
Penn-Mar Castings is expanding its manufacturing complex in Hanover, PA, by over 22,000 square feet. The additional square footage will be utilized in a four-phase expansion over the coming years.
Renovate the cleaning room
GK sand cooler at reclaim sand tanks was installed.
Install Castec 300/500 Sand Mixer
Upgrade furnaces 1 & 2 control cabinet
Upgrade to 900 KW Tri-Line and replace cooling system to closed-loop system.
Binder updates
Installed double-walled binder tank in a climate-controlled area. Replaced acid & binder supply tanks.
Misc. updates

Upgraded Roll-A-Draw with new 7500lb model. A 3rd Pangborn 12LK1S Blast Machine was installed for reblast. A new overhead crane for the 3rd Pangborn Machine was installed. A dust collection system for Pangborn reblast machine and an air filtration system for Cleaning area was installed.

Cleaning room expansion
Extended Cleaning Room by 1,000 square feet. An adjacent warehouse was purchased, which added 8,000 square feet.
Installed a new Ingersoll-Rand 300 HP Air Compressor. A new overhead crane was installed in the Paint Booth area. Four adjacent homes were purchased for future expansion.
Add 4,000 square feet
Purchased an adjacent 4,000 square foot building. Part of this building was remodeled to house a laboratory complete with a spectrometer. The remainder of this building is being used to improve our Maintenance Facility. The Mold assembly and Pouring building was expanded by 5,000 square feet to increase production area. This addition also included an additional overhead crane.
Building added
Added a 6,000 square foot building to contain the second Pangborn 12LK1S Blast and Sand Reclamation System complete with two 300 ton sand silos, sand transporting system, and dust collector. Loading dock facilities were also included in this addition, along with a new overhead crane. A new Ingersoll-Rand 350 HP Air Compressor was installed.
Equipment purchase
Installed a second overhead crane in the Core Department. A second Pangborn 12LK1S Blast and Sand Reclamation System were added to the blast area.
8,000 sqft added
Added an 8,000 square foot building for mold storage and mold cooling. Sand heater added to the Molding Department. Overhead charging crane with magnet and scale installed in the Melting Department. The overhead crane in the Cleaning Department was replaced.
Furnace added
Expanded the Melting Department by installing another Induction Furnace with a power pack.
Penn-Mar was born
Penn-Mar Castings, LLC traces it's roots back to the 1840s!

In 1840, Samuel Fitz operated the Hanover Foundry which became the Fitz Water Wheel Company in the summer of 1902. This machine shop provided a number of services ranging from casting of segment and spur gears to metal parts needed in outfitting horse wagons in addition to building wooden waterwheels.


Meet the Family!

Penn-Mar Casting is a proud member of the Lawton Standard family.