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Penn-Mar Castings’ footprint in the foundry industry

Penn-Mar Castings can trace it’s roots all the way back to the 1840s and through the decades it has changed and adjusted to continue to make high-quality castings.

We talked to new Plant Manager Steve Johnson about Penn-Mar’s capabilities and what kind of people they are looking for to join the PMC team.

Plant manager Steve Johnson looking for growth at PMC

“Another great small foundry that has their niche,” said Johnson. He went on to add that they have a great customer base and are in a “comfort zone” right now.

PMC does a wide variety of castings for the industrial sector. It has around 4 or 5 core customers and a lot of smaller customers.

“It’s got great bones, great structure, good people,” said Johnson. He added “Now we just need to get uncomfortable and help ourselves grow and just see what we can be.” Johnson wants to add new customers, go after some different parts, push for a few more molds per day and push the capacity. “I think it’s got huge potential. It’s almost like driving down the interstate at 55 in cruise control. Lets step on the gas!”

Penn-Mar Castings capabilities

Penn-Mar Castings works with grey iron and ductile iron, producing castings between 250 pounds and 5,000 pounds.  PMC is a complete no-bake flaskless facility that specializes in highly complex cored iron castings.

The facility has an on-site pattern storage area and can complete pattern layout and design with 2D and 3D capabilities. Penn-Mar also prides itself on its high success rate for on-time delivery.

Who PMC is looking for to join the team

“As we grow, we’re going to need people,” said Johnson. He continued “People are a huge need, quality people who are committed, talented and can think outside the box are going to be key to our success in the future.”

Johnson said quality maintenance people and supervisors are a necessity. “Maintenance, as you push your equipment harder, you’re going to need good maintenance people,” said Johnson. “Good leadership in maintenance, it’s mechanics, people who can keep the equipment running.“

The plant manager also said there is a need for people committed to working in the cleaning room, from grinding and chipping to cutting off gates and risers. 

“Quality people who are committed, talented and can think outside the box are going to be key to our success in the future,” emphasized Johnson.

Bigger and better things ahead for PMC

“The focus there is can we capitalize on what we do, identify new customers,” said Johnson. He continued “We’re quoting, we’re bringing in work on a regular basis there. So it’s another foundry where the best years are still in front of us.”

Johnson said the challenge PMC faces, and others too, is that we have people who have been with us for 30-35 years who are ready for retirement. “To find those replacements is going to be key to our success,” said Johnson. “It definitely takes the right person, the right mentality, the right work ethic and the right willingness to learn and be better. It takes those people to build a foundry.”

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