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ISO 9001:2015
Gray and ductile iron castings
150 to 5,000lbs / air-set, no-bake
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Meet PMC Operations Manager Christie Kennedy

Christie Kennedy has grown up with Penn-Mar Castings and now she is the Operations Manager at the facility. Christie was named Operations Manager of the Hanover, Pennsylvania facility in March of 2024. Christie Kennedy’s career at Penn-Mar Castings Kennedy earned a business management degree from YTI Career Institute and started with PMC right out of college. She started in Penn-Mar’s order entry department. She also served in roles with customer service/sales, quality, plant scheduling and operations. Now Christie...
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20 interesting facts about iron

Iron is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, and it plays a vital role in our lives. Here are 20 interesting facts about iron: Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe, which comes from the Latin word ‘ferrum’. It is the fourth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Iron is an essential nutrient for many living organisms, including humans. The human body contains around 4 grams of iron, mostly in the form of...
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What is just-in-time delivery and how does it benefit you?

Just-in-time delivery is a business approach that involves receiving goods only when they’re needed in the production process, eliminating the need for stockpiling inventory. This strategy can provide several benefits, such as lower warehousing costs, decreased waste, and improved cash flow. Additionally, it can help businesses respond more effectively to changes in demand and reduce the risk of stock obsolescence. However, implementing just-in-time delivery requires careful coordination between suppliers and manufacturers. It requires a high level of trust...
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Quality and laboratory at Penn-Mar Castings, LLC

Penn-Mar Castings, LLC is committed to improving quality management through educating, innovation, and quality tools. It strives to continue to improve interdepartmental communication and external communication. It schedules frequent customer visits to solve quality issues in a timely manner. Penn-Mar will continue to be at the forefront of the metal casting industry by increasing manufacturing efficiencies, improving process control, expanding capabilities, and updating facilities. In this blog, we will discuss some of the tools and services Penn-Mar is currently utilizing to...
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Our foundry capabilities

We are located in Hanover, PA. We specialize in gray and ductile iron castings weighing from 150 to 4,000lbs. We use an air-set, no-bake molding process. Capacity Our facility is 80,000 sq ft and has a 1,000 net ton capacity per month. We have 2 two-ton inductotherm coreless induction furnaces. Certifications Here at Penn-Mar Castings, LLC, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, Lloyd’s Register certified, and Bureau Veritas Certified. Capabilities Mold manufacturing (Furan no bake, semi-automated mold line) •...
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PMC gains a sister!

The Lawton Standard Co. has recently added AMSCO Wear Products, Inc., located in Wilmington, Del., to the Lawton Standard family as part of its expansion strategy. AMSCO has been providing cost-effective, wear-resistant steel since 1915. They offer innovative design, world-class quality control, and superior customer service. AMSCO’s products include wear parts for steel recycling, mining, and waste-to-energy industries. AMSCO will operate as a sister company to Penn-Mar Castings. Read the full announcement here.
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What is a stand-down PMC Blog Image

What is a stand-down? (And why are they important?)

What is it? A stand-down is coming together with fellow employees to discuss a safety or quality issue. Stand-downs allow us to address procedures and standard work, while also giving us an opportunity to talk through issues as a group. The supervisor gathers the operators involved in the stand-down to go through and do a 5-why corrective action to resolve the issue at that time. Then they share the information with any other department that could be affected...
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PMC compared to other foundries

How does PMC compare to other foundries?

Save time on purchasing, inventory, and logistics. We understand customer requirements, from specifications and tolerances to quantities and delivery dates. We currently have the following features: • Weekly updated order status report • Semi-automated mold line • Primer & paint booth • Non-destructive testing • In-mold stress relieving • Furnace stress relieving • Inventory programs • 95% On-time delivery percentage • Variable lot sizes • Lloyd’s Register certified • Bureau Veritas certified • On-site pattern repair shop •...
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How will your company make sure it prospers

The future of cast iron: How will your company make sure it prospers?

With the use of cast iron dating back to about 3,000 years ago, it is impressive that it is something that is still being utilized by so many different industries. In recent years, many countries all around the world have been fighting for the spot of top supplier. Because this type of work is becoming more and more outdated, companies will need to work hard to make ongoing changes to be successful. It is predicted that foundries with...
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