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ISO 9001:2015
Gray and ductile iron castings
150 to 5,000lbs / air-set, no-bake
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Our foundry capabilities

We are located in Hanover, PA. We specialize in gray and ductile iron castings weighing from 150 to 4,000lbs. We use an air-set, no-bake molding process.


Our facility is 80,000 sq ft and has a 1,000 net ton capacity per month. We have 2 two-ton inductotherm coreless induction furnaces.


Here at Penn-Mar Castings, LLC, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, Lloyd’s Register certified, and Bureau Veritas Certified.


Mold manufacturing (Furan no bake, semi-automated mold line)

• 1- 1,500 lb/min CE Cast sand mixer

• 2- 10,000 lb roll-over machine

• 2- Mold flow coat stations


• Scale economy through decentralization leading to a significant decrease in transaction fees.

Mold assembly/pouring bay

• 10,000 sq ft

• 3-5 ton overhead cranes

Core manufacturing

• 1- 1,000 lb/min CE Cast sand
• 1- 300 lb/min CE Cast sand mixer
• 1- Dependable 200 shell core
• 1- Shalco U-180 shell core
• Core blowing capabilities

Blast and cleaning

• 2 – Pangborn 4 in 1 reclamation
blast machines
• 1 – Pangborn reblast machine
• Primer and paint booth

Quality and laboratory

• Romer 8’ Absolute Arm with magnetic base

• Polyworks Inspection Software that powers our Absolute Arm.
• MAGMASOFT casting process simulation software that reduces sample processing times.
• Panametrics ultrasonic gauge that is ideal for detecting subsurface discontinuities in castings.
• LECO CS744 Carbon & Sulfur Determinator works in conjunction with our spectrometer to “fine tune” our ductile metal formulation.
• ARL 3460 Spectrometer (up to 24 elements) that analyzes each heat prior to pouring to ensure customer specifications are met.
• Full-service metallographic lab
• LECO image analysis, which is a computer-aided evaluation of metal samples to ensure customer specifications are met.
• Full-service sand lab, where we evaluate sand samples daily assuring that our molding sand is of the highest quality possible.


We have a 95% on-time delivery rate. Our high-tech scheduling process ships parts on time, every time. Ask about our inventory programs

About us

Penn-Mar Castings provides quality ductile iron and gray iron castings to a wide variety of industries worldwide on time. The management staff at our PA office has decades of foundry experience, giving you the confidence that they will meet or exceed your current expectations.

Penn-Mar Castings touts production lead times of a remarkable 3-6 weeks. We have been casting parts in the 150-5000 pound range since the 1960s. Penn-Mar Castings is a complete no-bake flaskless facility specializing in highly complex cored iron castings. We currently employ approximately 60 people and have the resources and capacity to meet your growing needs. We are proud members of The Lawton Standard family.

For a quote today, call us at 717-631-4165, email us at info.pennmar@PennMarCastings.com, or send us a message.