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What is a stand-down? (And why are they important?)

What is it?

A stand-down is coming together with fellow employees to discuss a safety or quality issue. Stand-downs allow us to address procedures and standard work, while also giving us an opportunity to talk through issues as a group. The supervisor gathers the operators involved in the stand-down to go through and do a 5-why corrective action to resolve the issue at that time. Then they share the information with any other department that could be affected with the same issue. We also give each employee the opportunity to speak about any issues that higherups may not be aware of yet and ask for their input. Overall, it is a great way to work through issues as a team and ensure safety.

Usage within safety

Stand-downs are used in many departments within the foundry, such as safety. A stand-down in safety could be not leaving items hanging on an unattended crane. Another example would be making sure power tools are being used properly to avoid injury and reviewing with employees that they understand how to properly do so. A third example of a stand-down could be storing flammables in a flammable cabinet when not in use.

Usage within quality

Stand-downs are also used in the quality department. A stand-down in quality could be addressing excess silver release agent buildup sticking to the pattern/sequence numbers making them hard to read. The corrective action for this would be to use a less release agent to avoid buildup. Another stand down in quality could be addressing the placement of rebar within a mold so that it has the correct stability to make it through the full process without falling apart. Corrective action would be to ensure the process sheet is correct and to retrain employees as a group.

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