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Cast iron: the properties, process, & uses

Properties – What is cast iron? Cast iron contains a carbon content greater than 2%, typically somewhere between 2-4%. There is also the presence of silicon between 1-3%. The combination of the carbon and silicon give cast iron a great deal of castability, meaning that it is easier to create quality castings. Cast iron is also usually preferred when making castings because it has a low melting temperature. Process – How is it made? The process of how...
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Benefits of the integrated approach of our growing Lawton Standard foundry family

Today, Penn-Mar Castings is more than just PMC. We’re part of Lawton Standard. Lawton Standard companies now include Temperform, C.A. Lawton, QESC, and Northern Iron & Machine. Our increasingly integrated approach has deepened our relationships with many existing customers, opened doors with prospects, and increased our buying power. Today we’ll share how that buying power helps us and, in turn, our customers through supply chain shortages. Precious metals Ukraine and Russia had always been big suppliers of pig...
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Grow your career blog post

Grow your career

You do a lot for your kids, especially around this time of year. Back-to-school shopping, packing lunches, scheduling extracurricular activities. With your kids out of the house, it’s time for you to pursue your dreams. Training is a top priority for our employees, meaning that you don’t need to be experienced to join our family. We can help you elevate your skills and have the career you’ve always wanted. We pride ourselves on giving our employees many opportunities...
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NIm joins the Lawton family

Northern Iron & Machine will join the Lawton family

The Lawton Standard Co. has recently added Northern Iron & Machine (NIM) located in St. Paul, Minn. to the Lawton Standard family as part of its expansion strategy. NIM produces and machines high-quality, cast gray, ductile, and austempered iron castings up to 250 pounds. This adds to The Lawton Standard Co. offerings by both size and method. This will benefit both Lawton and NIM customers with expanded sourcing options. Alex Lawton, CEO of Lawton Standard, says, “Northern Iron...
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Serious accident at our sister foundry

Today was a tough day. There was an accident at our sister foundry in De Pere, Wisconsin, but we felt a pang here, too. View the press release.
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Fourth of July

Independence Day – 2022

As we prepare to celebrate this Independence Day, please take a few moments to read the document prepared on that day 246 years ago. The Declaration of Independence speaks about the injustices suffered by our founding fathers and how they were to join to overcome these injustices. Two specific phrases remind us of what binds us all together. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator...
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Meet the GM Tom Young

Meet the GM: An interview with Tom Young

At The Lawton Standard Co., we thrive on safety, reliability, collaboration, integrity, and innovation. In addition, we value and encourage a healthy family culture at every location.  Tom Young is one of our five general managers across the Lawton Standard platform. He oversees our Penn-Mar Castings location located in Hanover, PA. He has been in the industry for over 41 years!  We wanted to take the time to recognize our general managers and get to know them a...
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Tracy talks about Iron 101

The C.A. Lawton Co. and Penn-Mar Castings, LLC teamed up to teach an Iron 101 class to one of their customers. Unlike the typical Iron 101s, this one has a twist.  Employees from both sites collaborated to teach their knowledge on metalcasting and foundries. The main focus of the Iron 101 was to showcase how Lawton and Penn-Mar’s capabilities complemented each other. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Lawton has not been able to host its normal Iron 101...
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Foundries set the standard for recycling

Foundries have been setting high standards for recycling and inspiring other industries to adapt to their level of sustainability. For centuries, foundries have been making new metal objects by remelting old ones. For example, the oldest existing casting is a copper frog made in Mesopotamia dating back to 3200 B.C. Metalcasting facilities recycle more than 14 million tons, or 31.5 million pounds of steel each year. This is enough energy to light the homes of Chicago for one...
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