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Industries that rely on castings

Metal casters can develop complex shapes in many sizes using a wide variety of materials with unique properties that serve many different purposes. That’s why metal castings are vital to many key industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and mining. Without castings, these industries and the role they play in our everyday lives wouldn’t be the same. Agriculture “Agriculture is the world’s oldest industry; without it, society as we know it would not exist (avalon-castings.com, n.d.). Farmers grow the...
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What PMC can do for you

Have you ever wondered what Penn-Mar Castings can do for you? Be sure to check out our new capabilities document. Download our Capabilities document (PDF) PMC Capabilities FACILITY 80,000 sq ft facilityNon-union employeesGray and ductile iron castings: 150-5,000 lbs1,000 net ton capacity per month MELT 2- Two metric ton Inductotherm coreless induction furnaces MOLD MANUFACTURING (FURAN NO-BAKE) 1- 1,500 lb/min CE Cast sand mixer2- 10,000 lb roll-over machine2- Mold flow coat stations COST-EFFECTIVE Scale economy through decentralization leading...
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Reduce the cost of your casting

A lack of casting knowledge is at the root of nearly every cost driver for castings. To complicate matters, even if you have general knowledge or experience in casting, every foundry uses different processes. What works to reduce cost in one operation can drive up the cost in another. Even if you have general casting knowledge, get the foundry involved as early as possible in the design process. Casting engineers and designers have greater control over the cost of...
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Get to know us!

Allow us to introduce or reintroduce Penn-Mar.
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Iron fun facts

PMC has been producing large, high-quality iron castings for generations! Enjoy these fun facts you probably didn’t know about iron. Iron is the second most abundant metal on Earth.Iron composes about 80% of the Earth’s inner and outer cores.Iron is the main component of meteorites. You cannot make steel without iron.Around 70% of the iron in the human body is found in the hemoglobin of red blood cells.Human blood gets its red color from iron and oxygen interacting with...
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Pretzel day!

Penn-Mar Castings is very proud of our dedicated employees. Our average tenure is 11 years! We recently offered a small token of appreciation to our employees in the form of pretzels!
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Congrats on 45 years, Joe!

Our Cleaning Room supervisor, Joe Gross celebrates his 45 year anniversary and receives his service award on 9/21/21.
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Thank you and best wishes, Maryann!

Maryann Truitt, HR retired on 9/10/21 after 28 years with PMC. Maryann, we thank you for all you did for us and wish you the very best in life’s next adventure.
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